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Gif of Candy Cane

Falling Leaves Animated Wallpaper
Falling Leaves Animated Wallpaper

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Screensavers of Animated Wreck-It Ralph Screensavers of Animated Wreck-It Ralph


Practices of Basketball
Practices of Basketball

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What is an Animated Gif?

GIF (by compuserve) is a graphic format that has been widely used on the WWW, It can be used as images for animations. These file has only 256 colors resolution capacity, so it's the only file for movement image that can be used as lighter file.

Now, animated gifs can be added to a presentation in PowerPoint 2000, you can do it just as if it was a still image, when you play the animation, you will see the file in movement, in that way your presentation will be more lively. All the gifs can be saved in you computer usin the button "Download"

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The new social network like Tumblr or Google Plus has allowed that animated gifs can be used to create jokes or funny histories to share with the world. Here you got the biggest free collection to share the gifs and create your own histories. Be a designer, now it's easy with this files, you only have to search what you like more and get them in your computer or share in your social networ

History of the Animated Gif This file format was developed in 1987 by CompuServe. The file was very popular by the compression algothm for the image that made that the file occupy less space, in those years it was very good because the computer wasn't as faster as now, but now they can be easily used in internet due the few bytes that they take.

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