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Free gallery of animated gifs of The Little Mermaid that you can easily download to your computer to make PowerPoint Presentation, or animate your personal blog to make this more attractive. Animated film produced by Walt Disney Pictures in 1989. This film is based on the story by Hans Christian Andersen. It is one of the most popular and is in 28th place in the list of the Walt Disney Classics.

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The best The Little Mermaid gifs can be used as an animated postcard or share through the social networks, share with your friends the gifs you more like Tells the story of princess Ariel, a mermaid of red hair, who lives under the sea with his father King Triton and his sisters. One night she finds a boat with humans. There she see Eric for the first time. He is a handsome young mand and she fall in love with him. Ariel will do their best to be human and to be his wife.

You can download all the The Little Mermaid animated images to use them whatever you want, it's free for you. Ariel goes to visit the witch Ursula to ask her for help. She proposes a deal that was to transform her into human in exchange for her voice. The mermaid princess accepts and exchanges her voice for a pair of legs, because her greatest desire is to know the young Eric.

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Your imagination is your way, here you will find all the instruments to make your own creations, With The Little Mermaid animated gifs you can make better jobs, the best videos for youtube and animate your presentation to reach your objetives. The Walt Disney animated film The Little Mermaid was directed by Ron Clements and John Musker. Following its success, years after it was filmed the sequel The Little Mermaid 2 and a prequel titled The Little Mermaid 3.

Graphics The Little Mermaid. Is your work relative to The Little Mermaid and you need graphics to make a presentation, here is your webpage, you can get all the The Little Mermaid gifs in one zip file, it's easy and it's free. Some of the characters from this Disney movie are: Flounder fish, Sebastian crab, Ursula octopus, King Triton, Max dog and Scuttle seagull, among others. Here you can download moving images from your favorite characters and the most romantic scenes of this movie.